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Air Filters (Disposable)

Air Filters Disposable

Pleated Filter

The Pleated Filter is produced using a special pretested blend of synthetic materials, pleated to the depth of the filter needed. This media is bonded to a special galvanized steel, expanded metal, support grid with 85% open face area. Available in Merv 8 – Merv 13 media. Stock sizes enclosed the pleated media in a special die cut, solid Kraft board, designed to prevent collapse under extreme humid conditions. Special sized pleats use the same quality media, enclosed in a heavy chipboard frame. These pleats can be used in home and commercial air handling units, roof top units, and in applications where a pre-filter is required. Stock sizes available in depths up to 4”, specials up to 6”.

MERV 13 Pleated Filter

Merv 13 Pleated Filters are manufactured with a synthetic blended Merv 13 media, which meets the LEED Green Building criteria for minimum efficiency. Pleated to the depth of the frame, the media is enclosed in a heavy, water resistant, diecut Kraft board which has a double wall thickness around the outer edge, providing strength and rigidity. The Smith Merv 13 is designed to replace standard pleated filters, without having to retrofit any existing HVAC systems. It performs well as the primary filter as well as a prefilter to a more efficient filter. The low initial resistance also helps promote low energy consumption. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green building rating system is nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. These Merv 13 Pleated filters provide points toward LEED certification and also achieve efficiency standards outlined in the LEED programs for Existing Building and New Construction.

Charcoal Pleated Filter

The Charcoal Pleated Filter is made from charcoal impregnated synthetic media, pleated to the depth of the frame. The stock charcoal pleat has a rigid water resistant beverage board frame on both the front and the back of the filter. The special pleated filter is made with a heavy chipboard frame. These charcoal impregnated pleats not only act as an odor removal filter, but also as an effective particulate filter.

4” Mini Pleated Filter

The 4” Mini Pleated Filter is a HEPA type filter, available in Merv 14, Merv 13 and Merv 11 efficiencies. Made with special media, designed to capture both large and small particles with minimum airflow restriction. Tightly pleated, this media has 5 times the surface area as the regular 4” pleated filter. The increased surface area means better filtering capabilities and longer filter life. Designed for use in hospitals, air purifiers and computer clean rooms.

Fiberglass Air Filter

The Fiberglass Air Filter is made with fiberglass material, designed with small continuous fibers to allow for the greatest dust holding capacity. An adhesive is applied to prevent fiber migration into the air ducts. The pad is enclosed in a chipboard frame. Available in both stock and special sizes.

Polyester Air Filter

The Polyester Air Filter is made from high quality polyester media. The pad is surrounded by a chipboard frame. The media is produced using specially developed polyester fiber, bonded together to form an interlocking pattern of tiny lint and dust traps. Available in both stock and special sizes.